Love Community and Farmers Markets

Love, Community, and Farmers Markets

by Feb 7, 2022

Love, Community, and Farmers Markets

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Farmer's Market, Website

Love, Community, and Farmers Markets: How Your Website Can Work for You

Isn’t it refreshing to know that every week in your community, you can visit a pop-up tent city of local growers, producers, and artisans for fantastic food and products? 

Farmers Markets have become an integral part of our lives, even in this modern age where we can also click a button and have food shipped to us in no time at all. Why are farmers’ markets essential? They provide a community space and support local growers and vendors. As the local farmers’ market organizer, you can know that all of your hard work pays off. 

But there is more to farmers market management than securing a location, sourcing vendors, and getting the word out about your day and time. How do you show your appreciation for your partners?  

Create a Website Showcase

Every one of your farmers and vendors has a unique and exciting story. Once, I was at a small farmers market and spoke to a young man about his produce. He told us about his family’s farm that went back generations. His ancestors were sharecroppers in Georgia after the Civil War. Today, they grow all organic produce and sell premium cuts of beef. Because of our conversation, I bought two steaks, a carton of mushrooms, and a bag of potatoes. I went home, opened a bottle of red wine, and made the best dinner with fresh ingredients.

That’s not the only farmers’ market story I can tell you; I have dozens. Why? Because that’s how humans communicate, and telling an authentic story is the best way to increase sales. Rather than telling the same story in person repeatedly, your farmers market can create buzz by sharing these stories online. Remembering that young man made me curious, so I searched the internet to find the farmers’ markets and vendors. I came up empty.

Develop Innovative Ways to Serve the Community 

This website provides excellent data on farmers’ markets. As you can see, many farmers’ markets take place in community spaces such as parks. Still, the local parks and recreation department isn’t generally in charge of the market. It’s a collaboration between community partners. Farmers’ markets aren’t just about selling produce. 62% of farmers’ markets hosted by parks and recreation departments include arts, culture, or entertainment. 37% provide family-friendly or multi-generational activities.  

While some of the outreach can come directly through the venue, including local parks or other private hosts, it pays to have a farmers market-specific outreach vehicle. When collaborating with all the partners that host the market, including the venue and the vendors, you can develop additional innovative events and spread the word online.  

 Non-Profit Outreach 

Non-profit organizations run some farmers’ markets while others partner with 501(c)(3) organizations. Connecting with non-profits in the area is one way to increase community outreach and provide added value for the participating farms and vendors.  

Here’s a great example to check out. This farmers market in Texas has created a Community Booth to showcase local non-profits. The booth space is free for participating organizations as long as they promote their appearance at the event. I’m thinking of ways this could be incorporated into my area. Farmers’ markets could support small local non-profits like The Pop Project, which provides books to communities without access.  

Attract New Farmers and Partners 

Massachusetts has a fantastic resource for anyone interested in starting a farmers market. And today, with so much of our communication centered online, one of the most important aspects is a robust website to become the online hub of your marketplace. At DPEG Marketing Company, we believe that if you build it right, they will come. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the work to make it happen, but there’s much capital in a well-designed and well-maintained website.  

By being a farmers market that is vocal and visible in the community, you will have access to the best producers and vendors your area has to offer. They know that your outreach will bring members of the public to the market every week and that it can be a profitable and beneficial partnership.  

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