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Here at DPEG Marketing, we are proud of our talent. Our expertise defines our culture, guides our culture, and determines our work environment. Our emphasis is on “working smart” and bringing people on board who uphold our values. Our team has decades of success in building businesses and is committed to bringing that success to you.

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“I wake up every morning with incredible appreciation. I love what I do.”

Teona Rodriguez

Meet Teona

Starting in 1992, Teona has traveled this country, blazing a marketing trail through West Palm Beach, Birmingham, Houston, and currently Asheville, North Carolina. Teona’s experience and confidence are her defining traits.

Though originally from Connecticut, Teona found her peace here in the southern Appalachian Mountains. She bought a home near the Blue Ridge Parkway with several acres. She loves to get her hands dirty on that land by planting a garden that seems to be popular with the local wildlife.

Before living near Asheville, Teona never felt like she had a place that provided her a sense of inner peace. And today, she truly feels that ability to wind down at the end of a day to be critical for her overall wellbeing.

Teona is outgoing, gregarious, and socially assertive. No one stays a stranger long after they meet her. Teona is enthusiastic and possesses a contagious level of optimism. She cares deeply about her clients, listens carefully to their feedback, and gives her all for their success.

In July of 2020, Teona became a proud dog owner of Amira. Most of the time, this high-energy and intelligent Doberman is training to be in service. When Teona travels onsite for photography, Amira is right by her side. Amira’s (and Teona’s) favorite onsite visit is in Ocala – Bella Inizio Farm. Spending ten days at a time surround by Thoroughbreds – it’s divine.

“I’m an early morning owl.”

Laura M. LaVoie

Meet Laura

Laura M. LaVoie is a freelance writer living in Asheville, North Carolina, with Matt, and their Devon Rex cat, Toast. She grew up in Michigan, just outside of Detroit, and went to college in Kalamazoo. In 2003, she and Matt moved to Atlanta, Georgia. After 15 years as a recruiter in the temporary staffing industry, Laura left her job in 2012 to relocate to the mountains of Western North Carolina and write full time.

She has been a figure in the Tiny House movement since she and Matt built their own 120 square foot tiny home by hand in the mountains near Asheville. She blogged about that experience and traveled to events around the country to share her story of building and living off-grid.

She’s the author of four non-fiction books, currently available on Amazon, about tiny homes, finding a job, and enjoying craft beer.

Laura also writes fiction and has three novels in various stages of revisions. She loves traveling, and her favorite cities include Cardiff in Wales, Sienna in Italy, and Savannah, Georgia. She enjoys craft beer, Tiki cocktails, sci-fi conventions, and costuming in her spare time.

Office Manager and Editor, Toast, has over one year of experience supervising staff. She provides motivation, entertainment, and stress relief.

“I have found that working behind the scenes to ensure our client’s website is reliable and producing results very rewarding.”

Sarah Michelle Chandler

Meet Sarah

Sarah graduated from the University of Damascus in 1980 with a degree in English Literature. She went on to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston in 1986. Sarah’s responsibilities run the gamut from website maintenance to generating content. Sarah is fluent in Arabic and French.

With her mad engineering skills, Sarah built the computers that run DPEG Marketing. She handles all the day-to-day operations to ensure that your website runs smoothly. Sarah’s attention to detail and knowledge of website maintenance and security ensure that your website is safe from hackers and functioning safely.

In her spare time, she is a chef like no other. She has mastered cooking Middle Eastern dishes and has now moved on to the delicious cuisine from the French. She plays the Accordion, Keyboard and, for fun, will mix her music.

Life Inside Our Office

The team at DPEG Marketing Company has taken on challenges with extreme deadlines and pulled off tremendous feats with ease. Planning and marketing major campaigns from conception to live with little time in-between does not worry the DPEG Marketing Company team. We are natural planners and highly detail-oriented. You can relax and trust that we will handle marketing needs with care. 

Perks & Benefits

Bottom line: it’s all about the client and do what it takes for them to succeed.

The team at DPEG Marketing Company combines our personalized creative concepts with strategic planning to convey the true essence of your brand. With DPEG Marketing Company at the helm, our partnership has endless possibilities!

Profitable Thinking

By having Zoom meetings and using our Project Management System, we save you money and time.

Our Prospal will include task time, virtual meeting time, and access to our project management system. At any time, you may view the progress being made on any task. It’s like we are working right next to you.


Target Market

We look at your target market and analyze your customer. You will know everything you need about your customer and your customer’s “why” when completed.


Action Steps

We take your top action steps, define them and organize them into short-term and long-term goals. We even attach “due by” dates to keep everyone focused on the task.



We use your weaknesses found in the S.W.O.T analysis to develop a worksheet. We address how to fix your weaknesses and attach a completion date to keep everyone on track.

Everything you need to know in a download!

Download our Media Kit

Included is Our Why, Company History, Values, Team, Virtual Office, Press Release, Services, Sample Cost Sheet, Brand Guide, and Contact Info

Since 2015 Develop, Plan, Execute, Grow

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Teona on various projects over the last two years. The term professional is thrown around a lot and somewhat used indiscriminately. However, in the case of my dealings with Teona, she is truly a marketing professional.

One of the things that I’m most critical of is communication. I don’t have extra time to battle with someone who isn’t a clear communicator and doesn’t stay on top of deadlines and commitments. In working with Teona, I never have to worry about either of those two as I know she’s there and doing what she needs when she says she will. It’s somewhat of a rarity nowadays to find someone who possesses both of those attributes. And while those are important, she is also extremely knowledgeable in marketing with not only abilities in planning but she excels in the implementation of those same plans which I feel is most important.”

Stephen J Lalla

World Ruler, Your Promotional Products Resource, Dynamic Image Marketing Systems, Inc.


Let’s Start a Conversation

Consultations are free. Let’s take an hour to focus on your business. Find a date and time that works best for you!

We embrace technology and understand how to leverage it to grow your business. We also understand that people do business with people they respect and trust. We hope to earn your confidence by providing an excellent service for you and your business.

Because we are a virtual-based company, your business can be anywhere and use our services.

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