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Farmers Market – 5 Reasons You Need a Website

by Jan 31, 2022

Farmers Market – 5 Reasons You Need a Website

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Farmer's Market, Website

Farmer’s Markets are an incredible addition to any community.

It’s so comforting to know that I can walk to an area of town where local producers are selling the best of their produce once a week. Not only can I buy vegetables and fruits, but I love fresh cheese, bread, and even meat. When I lived in Decatur, a cheese producer made the best pimento cheese. We had to get there early every week, or we’d miss out.

Farmer’s markets are made up of multiple components: the organizer, the participating farms, and the location. Advertising is often based on community word of mouth to get people out each week. But does your farmers market need a website? Here are five reasons to consider a website and blog to promote your farmers market.

Showcase Farmers and Vendors

Your website is the most efficient way to showcase your farms and other vendors. You can include a simple list that will help patrons plan for shopping when they arrive at the market. You can also have a blog that can give more details about your farmers and partners. For example, you can write a blog post about your local apiary and how the honey they collect between their different hives have very different flavor profiles. Stories boost interest and benefit your market and the vendors.

Share Events with the Public

Your website, and subsequent marketing plan, including social media, is also the best place to share event information with the public. Will you have live music at your weekend market? Let people know who will be playing. You can even provide a link to the artist’s website, which boosts views and improves your website’s ranking on the search engine.

Be a Subject Matter Expert

Unlike many other industries, farmer’s markets tend to be collaborative. You’re not looking to corner the market in your area, but you can become a local resource for information about farmers, craftspeople, and more in your area. When you become a subject matter expert by leveraging your website, you offer so much more than just a simple marketplace.

Reach Out to New Partners and Visitors

Your website will also become your biggest marketing tool. It can be the best way to source new vendor partners, increase visitors to your location, and even include a way for farmers to apply to be at your marketplace. This will keep all your processes in one place and make management significantly more straightforward.

Maximize Your Marketing Spend

There are many places you can spend money on marketing. You may even need to spend some money on print advertising (we can help with that, too). But a website is a dynamic tool that gives you flexibility for marketing now and in the future.


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