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The Tiny Home industry is changing fast, so don’t let your business get left behind. A custom website designed to your brand specifications with ongoing original content can push your tiny house business into the future.

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Let DPEG Marketing Company build excitement for your brand.

The global tiny house market is expected to reach $3.57 million in U.S. dollars by 2026, with 59% of the market growth happening in North America. You’re already a part of a growing industry; capitalize on the momentum by investing in a custom-designed website SEO optimized to get more business.

No money is exchanged for the consultation appointment; however, there is a cost. The cost is that you are not working on your widget. We respect your time. If available, we believe the first meeting should include everyone that touches your brand. Let’s gather around your monitor and find out how DPEG Marketing Company can help you. An hour-long Virtual Consultation is complimentary. See DPEG Marketing’s Calendar below.

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Consultations are free. Let’s take the time to focus on your business. 

We Love Building Tiny House Websites 

In 2010, our writer Laura M. LaVoie started blogging about her tiny home build.

She wanted to document the experience of building a 120-square-foot home with her own hands. She used her blog to launch her writing career and now works with DPEG Marketing Company to design custom websites for tiny home builders, communities, suppliers, and other related businesses.

See what DPEG Marketing Company can do for your tiny home brand.

Since 2015, we have been creating custom websites, and we want to put that experience to good use for Tiny Homes.

Our Tiny House Websites will: 


Make it effortless for tiny home dreamers to find your business by Googling your name or products through original content and SEO

Build Trust

Help customers build trust in your brand by incorporating blogging and email marketing.


Continuously be updated and keep current via our website maintenance and support.


Your website will work on all screens, from mobile phones and tablets to desktop computers.


Our mainstay is located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

Because we are a virtual-based company, your business can be anywhere and use our services.

Support Hours

Business Hours are Monday – Friday from 7 am to 3 pm. All DPEG Marketing Clients have access to our CRM system. Clients can update status, review projects, and submit requests anytime! We adhere to a strict policy: scheduled monthly client meetings via Zoom, quick turnarounds, affordable pricing, and quality work.

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Life Inside Our Office

The team at DPEG Marketing Company has taken on challenges with extreme deadlines and pulled off tremendous feats with ease. Planning and marketing major campaigns from conception to live with little time in-between does not worry the DPEG Marketing Company team. We are natural planners and highly detail-oriented. You can relax and trust that we will handle marketing needs with care. 

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