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Why Hire dpeg Marketing?

We’re dedicated to website creation, original content development, and continued marketing support. But we don’t mind doing that while enjoying a crisp IPA or a chewy red wine.

Our writer, Laura, writes regular content on beverages, including craft cocktails and beer. In 2014 she published the book How to Drink Craft Beer: A Beginner’s Guide, which showcases some of the most popular styles of beer and includes a journal for recording tasting notes and a fingertip guide to determining what beers someone might enjoy. She can bring this explorer vision to your beverage company online.

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Consultations are free. Let’s focus on your business. 

Our Brewers and Distillers Websites will: 

DPEG Marketing Company websites are custom-crafted to tailor a site right for you.

Every website is created using original content, custom graphic design, and professional photography combined with modern, responsive design and search engine optimized for a unique presence.


Make it effortless for visitors to find your business by Googling your name or products through original content and SEO


Build trust in your brand by incorporating blogging and email marketing to develop your reputation and provide brand recognition


Continuously be updated and keep current via our website maintenance and support.


Your website will work on all screens, from mobile phones and tablets to desktop computers.

Ready to Grow? Boutique E-Commerce Business

A custom-designed Boutique E-Commerce website is generally a smaller specialty site to promote a niche product or service. An E-Commerce website puts your products on the web for online purchase. Includes:

  • Product inventory with photos, pricing, and description
  • Ordering capabilities, shipping
  • Customer service pages
  • Company information page
  • Privacy/security policy
  • and more

Are you selling online?



Our mainstay is located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

Because we are a virtual-based company, your business can be anywhere and use our services.

Website Support Hours

Monday – Friday from 7 am to 3 pm. We are available 24/7 through email or text message. We adhere to a strict policy: scheduled monthly meetings via Zoom, quick turnarounds, affordable pricing, and, above all, quality work. 

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Everything You Need to Know

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We love building beverage websites

Are you a brewery, winery owner, or spirit distiller looking to improve your website and marketing? dpeg Marketing Company is your partner.

Our team enjoys good wine, cocktails, cider, and beer and can’t wait to bring that passion and excitement to your business.

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DPEG Marketing Company has 7 spots open for website design in 2023. We partner with small businesses to help them grow. We can help you optimize your site and integrate the essential tools. You can build your reputation and be recognizable with the right systems.


Contact DPEG Marketing for a FREE consultation by emailing or calling (828) 333-3816.

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