Custom Photography for Branding and Design by Jonathan Evans

DPEG Marketing Company collaborates with Jonathan Evans in Ocala and Gainesville, Florida, to provide photography for your farm or equine business.

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capture the spirit of your brand


If you need photography for your website, we work with Jonathan locally to visit your location and take photos that reflect your brand. Jonathan specializes in Equine, food, nature, and more.

Custom Photography is an added value for your brand.

When you work with DPEG Marketing, we want to display your brand in a visually creative way. For on-site photography, our partner Jonathan Eans can work with you to provide packages that capture the spirit of your business.

Custom Photography Packages:

Let’s set up a consultation. Before taking any photos, Jonathan will sit down with you to determine what you want to accomplish. The meeting will help narrow down the focus and provide creative ideas for photographing your product, farm, event, or family to capture the spirit of your brand. Jonathan will also share his process and what to expect in that time.

Jonathan Evans

Jonathan Evans

Owner of Jonathan Evans Photography

I’m Jonathan Evans, owner of Jonathan Evans Photography. I graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville with a Bachelor’s degree in food and resource economics in 2004 and a master’s degree in agri-business in 2006.

Since that time, I have combined my love of the outdoors, agriculture, food, and animals with photography. I live and work in the Gainsville and Ocala areas, but my work is mobile. Have camera, will travel.

I feel grateful that I can choose my clients as much as they choose me. I want every photo shot to be a collaborative work experience. You can feel confident that I am the right photographer for your event, photoshoot, or project. With the right partnership in place, we can do anything.
You can see more of my work at

Rowan Arts spartacus collection2

Equine and so much more!

July 2015

DPEG Marketing: 

Who is DPEG Marketing Company?  

Teona is the genius behind our custom web design. With a mix of artistic flair and SEO knowledge, she can build websites for small businesses all over North America. Laura is a creative writer who loves to tell stories and work with companies to find their voice for ongoing blog content.  

What Does DPEG Marketing Company Do?  

We build custom websites and create original ongoing content for small businesses all over North America.  

Where is DPEG Marketing Company Located?  

We are based out of Asheville, North Carolina, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. However, everything we do is virtual so that we can connect to clients across the United States and Canada.  

When Do You Need to Call DPEG Marketing Company?  

Start now with a FREE hour-long consultation.  

Why Does DPEG Marketing Company Work with Small Businesses?  

Building for the Future - One Small Business at a Time. Our work with small businesses helps us stay grounded even in digital space.  Just as you plan, execute, and grow your company, we work behind the scenes to ensure that every minute you put into your business gives you maximum reach.  

How Do We Do It?

Develop, Plan, Execute, and Grow.  

We develop a relationship with you and determine short and long-term goals before designing your website solution. We plan a website strategy that aligns your business with your vision. We execute that strategy and grow your business by providing ongoing support and content.    

 To set up a FREE consultation, contact us by emailing or calling 828-333-3816.  

Making A Difference One Business At a Time.  

Consultations are free. Let’s take an hour to focus on your business. Find a date and time that works best for you!

We embrace technology and understand how to leverage it to grow your business. We also understand that people do business with people they respect and trust. We hope to earn your confidence by providing an excellent service for you and your business.

Because we are a virtual-based company, your business can be anywhere and use our services.

Everything you need to know in a download!

Download our Media Kit

Included is Our Why, Company History, Values, Team, Virtual Office, Press Release, Services, Sample Cost Sheet, Brand Guide, and Contact Info

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