Leaving Twitter? Best Platforms for Equine Social Media

by Jan 9, 2023

You can’t swing a cat without hitting some news about Twitter these days. For many people, leaving the platform seems the most logical option. But how do you replace such a valuable tool for disseminating news and information? Along with other platforms you already use, like Facebook and Instagram, what social media platforms should you consider for your equine business?


While Facebook owns Instagram, it’s a more visual and public platform. You share images and videos that get interactions from people on the site. It’s perfect for anyone who has a visual product or if you share a lot of videos. It’s worth having since you can connect it to your Facebook business page and get two places to post the same content without extra work.


The current most popular platform for video content is TikTok. People interact with the site to develop their algorithms, allowing them to see more content that matches their interests. Tiktok videos are short and sweet and have to pack a lot of information into a small format. But there are many ways to be creative, and it can be linked to other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.


One of the new platforms to get a lot of buzz is Mastodon. To my eyes, it reminds me more of Discord, which is a closed social network. However, when you set up your account, you can choose the server based on your business or interests. Content is discovered through hashtags, so you can find a loyal audience if you get things set up from the start.


Post was founded by the CEO of Waze and is positioning itself as the most Twitter-like alternative. However, this site is small and hasn’t achieved the reach that other social platforms have. There is a waitlist to join Post, but it might be worth signing up if you want to be on the cutting edge as the site grows.

Hive Social

This app was designed entirely for iPhone, but like Post, it’s also small potatoes at this time. If you are an Apple product user, it might be worth downloading and playing around to see the fuss. Its guidelines promote a safe and kind environment and require users to post only original and appropriate content.

Marketing Partnerships and Social Media

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Laura LaVoie

Laura LaVoie


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