Setting Goals and Intentions for 2023

by Jan 2, 2023

Are you recovered from New Year’s Eve yet? Did you set any New Year’s Resolutions? At dpeg Marketing Company, we have a plan for the first quarter and are really excited about it. So how do you set goals and intentions for the New Year?

This quarter we want to focus on Equine content to showcase what we can do for clients in that space. So with that in mind, let’s look at how we’re setting our goals for this year using horse-related business as an example.

Setting SMART Goals

What goals do you have for your equine business? When setting your intentions, it’s essential to know how to create achievable goals and break each long-term goal into easy-to-accomplish tasks. You can do that for any industry, including equine. What are your farm’s goals for 2023? Use this guide to help.


The next step is to make your goals specific. “We want to make money” is not specific enough, so try to aim for something like, “We want to get 15 new investors at $10,000.” Once you know the details of your goal, you can break it down into individual tasks that can help you achieve the next steps.


Your goal should be measurable. How do you know when you’ve reached your goal? Or when you have to pivot your process to continue down the right path? It’s okay to readjust along the way to ensure you can achieve your goals, but you must measure accomplishments as you go.


More than anything else, your goals need to be achievable. If you say you want to make millions of dollars, you need a solid foundation to make that happen. When you’re breaking your long-term goal into individual tasks, make sure they’re something that can be accomplished in the time frame you set. For example, a better goal may be increasing your online reputation by getting more visibility in the industry and beyond.


Business goals should always be relevant. If you’re in the equine industry, setting a goal of playing baseball won’t help you advance your equine business, for example. While most of your goals won’t be disparate, you still want to look at what you’re doing and if each task will help you reach the next stage of achieving your goals.


Finally, one of the most critical aspects of setting goals is to give yourself a time frame. How long should it take you? For example, the horseracing industry is very time-bound since horses are bought and sold at different stages of their life. So you want to plan your goals around this cycle to give yourself a framework.

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Laura LaVoie

Laura LaVoie


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