Artificial Intelligence and Keyword Stuffing: Why Original Blog Content is Best

by May 2, 2022

It may seem obvious, but I am against using AI for developing your online content. Part of that is because I am a writer, and if robots take my job, I’m not entirely sure what’s next for me. But the threat of robots taking my job is just hyperbole. I advise against using artificial intelligence services for content writing because AI can never create content that genuinely connects to human emotion.

We are storytellers. Telling stories is the heart of human communication. Whether we realize it or not, we’re constantly telling stories. When someone asks us how our day was, we are likely to share a quick anecdote about something funny or interesting that happened. Even in a couple of short sentences, that’s a story.

AI can’t exactly do that.

Guinea Pig Names

Several years ago, it was all the rage to feed data into a neural network to generate new information. Some of the results were incredible. My favorite were the AI-generated guinea pig names. A rescue organization fed existing guinea pig names into AI and out popped some of the funniest things the internet has ever read. A newly named Hanger Dan became an instant star. I still dream of using the name After Pie for a future pet. You can read some of the hits and misses here.

AI as Comedy

It wasn’t long before humorist Keaton Patti cashed in on the idea of AI as comedy. His Twitter account is filled with posts stating that he forced a bot to write a script, and the results are hilarious. The thing is, these are totally made up. What makes them extra funny is no bot was involved at all; every line and every joke was from the mind of a master storyteller. You can check out a collection of these tweets here

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is also a big issue and pervasive with AI, though there are human writers who engage in this practice as well. It’s believed that you need to stuff a blog post with every possible related keyword to get as many hits as possible. Which, in the end, can create a very clumsy article. This article was recently brought to my attention. It’s about one of my hobbies, so I found it funny for all the wrong reasons. I have no idea if a bot or a terrible writer wrote this, but it’s a perfect example of what not to do.

Best line: If you’re going to serve it with spicy foods, you should pair it with a spicy dish

Real Content

So why does any of this matter to you? Regardless of your topic, having authentic content will help your website stay at the top of Google’s algorithms and create engaging experiences for readers. And AI content can even be penalized by Google.

While you might read that Mai Tai recipe post for its entertainment, everyone can tell that it is a terribly written post. I don’t see that website as an authority in tropical drink recipes. There’s no trust. But creating content that fits your products and services, tells a story, and invites readers back will only help build your reputation as an expert.

For Custom Websites and Original Content

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Laura LaVoie


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