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by | Sep 27, 2021 | Goals

I always default to the SMART system when working on goal setting for my business or a client. Old school? Yes! But it has never failed me.

What are SMART Goals?

Smart is simply an acronym that represents steps for goal setting. 

  • Specific – What will be accomplished? What actions will you take? What is your Why?
  • Measurable – What data will measure the goal? How will you track and trend? How often will you review or evaluate? 
  • Achievable – Is the goal doable? Do you have the necessary skills and resources? Can you outsource?
  • Relevant – How does the goal align with values? Why is the result significant to you or your team?
  • Time-bound – What is the time frame for accomplishing the goal? Do you have a project management system?

Great trigger questions I use:

    • Why is this goal important?
    • What do I want to accomplish?
    • Who is involved?
    • Where is it located?
    • What resources will be involved?

Tips on how to write your SMART goals

S – Specific 

Think about this as a vision statement for your goal. This isn’t a detailed list of how you are going to meet a goal. Still, it should include an answer to the famous ‘W’ questions: Why, Who, What, When, Where.

M – Measurable 

What metrics are you going to use? Measurement methods can be reviewed as an ROI (productivity results, money saved or earned, etc.). Or it can be based on brand success (client testimonials, surveys, etc.). This makes a goal more tangible because it provides a way to measure progress. Set milestones for specific tasks to accomplish.  

A – Achievable 

This goal is meant to inspire you with motivation, not discouragement. 

R – Relevant 

Focusing on something that makes sense with your companies Values and Mission. 

T – Time-Bound 

If your goals lack realistic timing, chances are you are not going to succeed. Ask specific questions about the goal deadline and what can be accomplished within that period. Providing milestones also creates a sense of urgency and accomplishment as the milestones are met. 

Most importantly, have fun with the SMART system. 

Setting goals that are challenging but interesting inspiring makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. Reward yourself along the way. 

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Laura M. LaVoie

Written by Teona Rodriguez

Teona is outgoing, gregarious, and socially assertive. No one stays a stranger long after they meet her. Teona is enthusiastic and possesses a contagious level of optimism. She cares deeply about her clients, listens carefully to their feedback, and gives her all for their success.

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