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You will find that, merely by virtue of having a marketing plan, your business will experience an uptick. Here at DPEG Marketing, we know that following a plan will change the way you think about your business and lead to the increased growth and success of your company. We guarantee that our Marketing Mentors will come up with ideas you’ve never dreamed of!
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The first step towards developing our dynamic business relationship is to schedule a free virtual consultation appointment. Our Marketing Mentors are available by phone or Skype, at your convenience.


We know why DPEG Marketing is passionate about what we do. Do you know your “why”? Our detailed marketing plans will give you a new vision of your business’s potential.


Once we have your marketing plan in place, we are ready for action. Our time frames for accomplishing tasks are realistic and designed to fit your schedule. Because we are a virtual based business, you can live anywhere and use our services.


Everyone wants to grow their business. One of the first things we do is to analyze your sales and project 12 to 18 months out. These numbers are based upon industry trends, analytics and looking at what your competitors are up to.


We Can Do it All

Why DPEG Marketing? We are ready.
No money is exchanged for the consultation appointment, however, there is a cost. The cost is you not working on your widget but working on your business. We respect your time, we believe the first meeting should include everyone that touches your brand. This is the first step in writing your marketing plan that works! Gather around your monitor and let’s find out how a DPEG Marketing Mentor can help you.

Social Media

The benefits of using our social media services is increased brand awareness, traffic to your website, Blog readers and leads.


Your virtual marketing mentor will create a great system for staying in touch with potential clients, maximize your return on leads, and easily communicate with current and future customers.

Marketing Plan

Our strategic marketing plans are custom made for you by your personal virtual Marketing Mentor.

Website Development

Your virtual Marketing Mentor will create a WordPress website that’s attractive, professional and simple to use.

Marketing Mentor

Having meetings over Skype with your Virtual Marketing Mentor and using our project management system saves you money and time


Trusted by Top Industries Around the Globe

At DPEG Marketing we have worked with B2B and B2C companies.

Health Insurance Companies
Health Maintenance Organization
Oral Surgery
Mortgage Lending
Real Estate
Non Emergency Transportation
Recreational Transportation
Event Rentals
Massage Therapy
Chimney Sweep
Home Inspection
Speech Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Aesthetician Services
Interior Design
Procurement Services
Installtion Services
Facility Services
Promotional Products
Musician Services
Restoration Services
Home Management
Home Rental Management
Food Services
Personal Training
Pilates Coaching
Weight Management Coaching
Pest and Termite Services

From Our Founder

We want to be part of your team.

The DPEG Marketing Team has taken on challenges with extreme deadlines and pulled off tremendous feats with ease. This has been acknowledged by their employees and clients. Planning and marketing major campaigns from conception to live with little time in-between does not worry the DPEG Marketing Team at all. We are natural planners and highly detail oriented. You can relax and trust that your marketing will be handled with care. Your business is important to you, and we will take care to meet your needs.

Are Marketing and Sales the same?

We are asked this question all the time. The short answer is no. If you would like to find out the longer answer, contact us to find out why.


Are you hitting your projected numbers?
Are your employees experiencing growth and/or promotion?
Do you have high-quality leads?
If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, DPEG Marketing is here to help.

Can I do my own marketing?

Of course you can. However, if you are doing your own marketing, who is running your business? Working with a Marketing Mentor on your marketing plan helps keep everything on track and moving forward in a profitable direction.

How long does it take to grow?

Our marketing plans span 12 to 18 months, because we know that change and growth take time. We are committed to helping you grow your business, and modify the plan as needed.

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