When Should You Reinvent the Wheel? Innovation and Your Equine Website

by Feb 6, 2023

There are definite times in your business when reinventing the wheel is unnecessary. Whenever someone has perfected a way to do something, there’s no reason to make it more complicated and start from scratch. That’s what the adage refers to, but it’s not meant to stifle creativity and innovation for your industry. Having a website is no longer optional for your equine business, and now is the perfect time to change the paradigm around promotion, branding, and recognition. Here are a few ways you can use innovation for your equine website.

Interaction and Responsiveness

Every day, we come across websites set up to act as digital business cards. This isn’t necessarily what the business owner wanted when they started, but that’s what they have. Creating a website is complicated, and not everyone has the bandwidth to become an expert. The pages are static, never updated, and cannot interact with their audience. Creating a more dynamic website with regularly updated content will attract more people to your both organically and through SEO best practices.

Reduce Clutter and Make it Easy to Use

Sometimes, websites also become too cluttered and difficult to navigate. Creating an innovative and dynamic solution for how people interact with your business makes a more user-friendly experience. Working with a web design expert will also allow you to stay compliant with the current requirements on the web, such as accessibility and privacy.

Create a Clear Call to Action

It’s not uncommon for people to come up short with the call to action. It’s crucial this is consistent across the board and doesn’t confuse readers when they see different things on different pages. You want to be clear about what you need your readers to do with the information you’ve provided them.

Marketing tip: the words “So You Can” are very powerful and should be incorporated into your call to action. “Buy shares of our yearlings so you can diversify your investments.” Include data whenever you can and provide an easy link or way to contact your equine business.

Provide Social Proof

While we don’t advocate using social media in place of a good marketing plan, we do recognize the value of these platforms. They help increase recognition and improve reputation. We encourage using Embed Social, which has several benefits, including seamless integration of your social feeds and online reviews. This provides your visitors with immediate social proof that you are a real business and a reputable one.

Build Your Reputation and Improve Recognition

We cannot stress enough that the most important capital you have as an equine business is your reputation and how easy it is to recognize you among your competition. Your website is the place for that, and if you’re using boilerplate pages and content, you won’t be seen above the noise. Now is the time to showcase what makes you unique, different, and worth contacting.

Do you want to know more about creating a robust, innovative, and dynamic website for your equine business?

Now is the time to get your website ready for spring.

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Laura LaVoie

Laura LaVoie


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