Heading to the New Year with DPEG Marketing

by Dec 26, 2022

The Holiday season isn’t over yet. It’s still a week away, but on Saturday, we’ll countdown to the New Year and flip the calendar to 2023. As you’ve seen, dpeg Marketing Company is starting this year fresh with a new look. Our new logo is giving us so much joy, and we love the website redesign that it inspired. But what is our vision for the new year?  

I sat down with Teona to talk about 2023.

Teona Rodriguez on Growth and Goals

“I want to grow our business in a fulfilling way. We want to work with companies and organizations that make us feel good. I stand behind the plan we created, and we are building toward our long-term goals.”

She also wants to focus on Work/Life balance. Both of us agree on that. We love what we do and work for ourselves because we can clear our own path and do business our way.

My Ideas for 2023

It’s been just over a year since I joined the dpeg Marketing Company team. Before that, I worked as a freelance writer for ten years. It’s been great to have a collaboration partner, and I am excited about our plans for the New Year.

What’s Next

We are excited about our rebrand and our direction. We have several dream clients we’d love to bring in this year because we want to focus on industries we enjoy. Our enthusiasm for the businesses will make us great marketing partners. Our top clients are:

  • Equine
  • Tiny Home
  • Brewery

For a content writer, these are dream subjects. I have written about horses for some time, and my inner tween is excited by the subject. I have years of experience with the tiny house community, including writing for Tiny House Magazine and publishing two books of my own. I’ve also written a book on beer, so a brewery would make my heart happy.

These are our hopes and dreams for 2023, and we’re confident we can make it happen.

Are you ready for a new website in 2023?

dpeg Marketing Company has 8 spots open for website design in 2023. We partner with tiny house, agriculture, outdoor, brewing, and equine businesses to help them grow. We can help you optimize your site and integrate the essential tools. You can build your reputation and be recognizable with the right systems.

Contact us for a FREE consultation by emailing teona@dpegmarketing.com or calling (828) 333-3816.

Laura LaVoie

Laura LaVoie


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