Do You Have an Amazing Pet on the Farm? Time to Make Them a Star

by Jun 6, 2022

Owning a family farm, ranch, or stables likely means you have plenty of animals around you all the time. Whether you have goats, horses, chickens, donkeys, cats, or dogs (or sometimes a combination of all of them), your animals are a significant source of entertainment on your farm. Did you know that your farm pets can become the star of the show?

A study by data analytics company NewsWhip published in 2016 showed that brands featuring animals in their social media posts received 295% more comments. So can your farm benefit from this kind of social media and branding? Let’s look at how.

Animal Lovers Cross all Demographics

The best part about animals is that nearly everyone likes them. Across all walks of life and all demographics, people love seeing animal content on the internet. Regardless of your target audience, they are bound to be in a Venn diagram with people who love animals. 70% of U.S. households have at least one pet. And people with pets spend money on their pets and other things that matter to them.

Boosted Visibility

There has long been a joke that the internet was made for cats. And, it’s not entirely wrong. Some of the first things to go viral in the early days of the world wide web were cats and other animals. Having animals in your social media posts can increase engagement. Social media posts with pets rank 63% higher than average business posts. And when you already have that content built into your farm, it’s time to put your pets to work.

Sharable Content

One of the many reasons pet-based social media posts are so successful is that they are infinitely sharable. Just check out all the memes you see on your own Facebook or Instagram feeds. You may even find yourself following more animal-based content. I know I am currently obsessed with Noodles, the pug who predicts Bones or No Bones days. And social media is helping more pets get adopted.

Pets are Natural Stars

Our friend and graphic design partner Jill Valuet has another business. She does dog massage in the Metro Detroit area. When she was working on her social media strategy, she had a hard time creating content. She decided to make her two dogs, Gryphon and Pippin, the stars of the show. It has made all the difference. Each dog can talk about various aspects of dog massage using different voices and personalities, and her content is more engaging and sharable. Your farm pets are also natural stars, regardless of their species. Whether it’s your goofy horse or a wise old barn cat, there is an animal on your farm who can be your brand ambassador.

Do You Need a New Website for Your Farm?

Work with a dedicated marketing company to develop a custom and dynamic website just for you. With graphic design and original content, your site will be optimized for your audience. We can create a marketing plan that features your animal friends.

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Laura LaVoie

Laura LaVoie


June 2022

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