Write Down Your Goals to Make Them Happen

Write Down Your Goals to Make Them Happen

by Jan 17, 2022

Write Down Your Goals to Make Them Happen

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Goals

Writing down your goals helps you visualize them and return to them regularly to take stock in your progress. There’s the real science behind this idea, so let’s take a closer look at the how and why you need to write down your goals.  

Have a Clear Idea 

While a goal could be something like “write a novel,” you need to include more action items. For example, give yourself a clear plan of how many words you can effectively write each day and set aside time to write. This can be applied to any goal, from starting a business to planning a wedding. Write down your vision as the first step.   

Stay Motivated 

Writing down your goals is one way to help you stay motivated. For example, if you want to eat healthier, put a note on your refrigerator that suggests healthy snacks when you’re feeling hungry. That can keep you motivated to stay on track rather than just mindlessly reaching for the ice cream.  

Narrow Your Focus 

The exercise can also help you narrow your focus. Goals can be broad, but writing them down can help you pinpoint the specific goal you want to achieve. “Start my own business” is a great beginning, but “building an eCommerce website to sell my art online” is more focused.  

Be More Productive  

You can be more productive if you write down your end goal, but it also helps to break the goal into individual tasks and write those down, too. What can you do each day to reach your goal? Don’t just keep that in your head; put it down on a planner or in your calendar. Then every day, you can have the satisfaction of crossing it off your list when it’s complete.  

Measure Your Progress 

This exercise can also help you measure your progress. The best part about having a goal is watching its evolution. It’s okay to reassess from time to time and adjust your goal when necessary. For example, say you’re in the job market sending out resumes for opportunities. After a while, you’re not having success and feeling unmotivated. Maybe it’s time to look at the kinds of jobs you’re applying for and what you want to do. Then, refocus your search.  

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