What is Ghostwriting?

by Mar 20, 2023

This is a true story. In the middle of a compromising medical exam, a nurse practitioner asked me more about what I do. I told her I was a writer, and she asked me what I wrote. I said, “I mostly ghostwrite for business blogs.”

She thought I meant I wrote about ghosts.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the paranormal and would love to write for ghosthunters, but that’s not what I meant.

The worst part is she remembered that, and the next time I was there for an exam, she asked me about my “ghost” writing again.

I learned that not everyone knew the term “Ghostwriting,” so I thought I would share details about what ghostwriters do and how it can benefit your business.

What Do Ghostwriters Do?

Ghostwriters have been around for a  long time. They might write memoirs for famous people or blogs for businesses. Essentially, a ghostwriter is someone hired to write someone else’s story. People will use a ghostwriter if they are not strong enough writers or, in the case of business owners, they don’t have time to create their blogs.

The Benefits of Working with a Ghostwriter

The benefits of ghostwriting are clear. You get content that you don’t have to write. It shows up magically in your inbox or scheduled on the website, and all you have to do is reap the rewards. You can thank your ghostwriter when you get good feedback on your blog. They put in the effort, research, and formatting to ensure your blog performs well.

A note about dpeg Marketing: We work hard to ensure that all of your blog posts are optimized from SEO, but we’ll never engage in keyword stuffing. We want to be sure every blog is a readable resource for anyone who finds your site, not just a bunch of words stuck together to hit the algorithms.

Finding Your Voice

Another essential part of working with a ghostwriter is ensuring they use your voice. I know I have a distinctive voice in my writing, but I work with my clients to find their voice and tone before I start writing any copy or content. We do an interview where I ask questions about your personality, values, and mission.

The Responsibilities of a Ghostwriter

So what’s my job in all of this? After we find your voice and tone and we create a monthly content plan, I’ll get to writing. The dpeg Marketing process is a month ahead. So if I’m writing June blog posts, you’ll have them to review by the middle of May. You can provide any edits or comments for me to make changes, but I hope you’ll love what I wrote the first time.

Once it’s scheduled, it doesn’t belong to me anymore. It’s published under your name. You can use quotes or details for other marketing, such as social media. We also use several tools on our back end to ensure we optimize the posts for SEO so your audience can find you online.

Is Ghostwriting right for your website?

Talk to dpeg Marketing to learn about web design and content writing for your organization.

dpeg Marketing Company has 5 spots open for website design in 2023. We partner with tiny house, agriculture, outdoor, brewing, equine businesses, and community organizations to help them grow. We can help you optimize your site and integrate the essential tools. You can build your reputation and be recognizable with the right systems.

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Laura LaVoie

Laura LaVoie


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