About Teona Rodriguez

Nice to meet you! I’m dpeg Marketing’s Chief Amazement Officer

Starting in 1992, Teona has traveled this country, blazing a marketing trail through West Palm Beach, Birmingham, Houston, and currently Asheville, North Carolina. Teona’s experience and confidence are her defining traits.

Though originally from Connecticut, Teona found her peace here in the southern Appalachian Mountains. She bought a home near the Blue Ridge Parkway with several acres. She loves to get her hands dirty on that land by planting a garden that seems popular with the local wildlife.

Before living near Asheville, Teona never felt like she had a place that provided her with a sense of inner peace. And today, she truly feels that ability to wind down at the end of a day is critical for her overall wellbeing.


  • Build and optimize a secure website for evolving business needs
  • Creating a suitable color scheme or incorporating the client’s color scheme into the web design
  • Coding the site’s navigation
  • Creating mock-ups of the site for the client’s approval
  • Designing CTA’s and integration to CRM
  • Perform routine website audits
  • Fix any functionality issues
  • Updating and maintaining the website


  • Crafting compelling SM content
  • Posting content across social media accounts
  • Develop social media marketing paid campaigns
  • Create mini commercial – video shorts
  • Interact with clients about their social media/email marketing accounts
  • Update the clients’ social media/email marketing data
  • Identifying strategic weaknesses and making recommendations for improvements
  • Research social media trends and inform clients of changes that are relevant to the company’s marketing activities
  • Supervise the execution, monitoring, and measurement of marketing campaigns and their success


  • Provide continued website support – Marketing Partner
  • Improve new campaigns using data and feedback from existing and previous projects
  • Being on top of the latest social media trends
  • Maintain communication with the dpeg Team
  • Maintain communication with Clients
  • Create SWAG
  • POC – Photography Partner

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Asheville, NC

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Lunar New Year: Year of the Rabbit

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