Does Your Tiny Home Business Need a Custom Website?

by Nov 14, 2022

This article, Does Your Tiny Home Business Need a Custom Website, first appeared in the October issue of Tiny House Magazine. Click here to check out options for subscribers.

It’s estimated that the global Tiny House industry will reach $3.57 billion by 2026. 59% of that business is in North America, but the industry is fragmented. For builders, communities, suppliers, and other companies in the tiny house niche, that means money on the table. How do you attract tiny house dreamers to your business and turn them into paying customers? You need a custom website designed to optimize your brand with ongoing original content. Here’s why.


48% of people decide on the professionalism of your business based on your website design. Many DIY website design options are available, but just because you can do something doesn’t mean you need to. Directing your energy to your website design and ongoing maintenance can be nothing but a time-sink when you need to focus on running your business. Like you’re an expert in tiny houses, you want to work with an expert in website design.

SEO Optimization

Google currently has over 92% of the search engine market. And the first five organic links on a Google Search receive over 67% of the clicks. You want to be at the top of the page. While you can pay to play, that can get expensive fast and not give you the desired results. Working with a professional who understands SEO optimization is vital. Getting that organic traffic

Organize Your Products and Services

Websites can serve a wide variety of purposes. You might have specific items you can sell, such as tiny house plans, which can be organized through eCommerce making everything easy to find and buy. Or maybe you want to feature your builder designs in a fresh and discoverable way. For tiny house communities or rentals, showcase your property online for prospective visitors or buyers. If your information isn’t easy to find, you may struggle to see new business.

Showcase Reviews

The internet can be an unkind place. We’re all weary of negative comments and trolls. That’s why reading positive reviews is so refreshing. On top of that, 93% of customers read online reviews before buying. In an industry where there have been problems with incomplete builds or poor quality, you want to feature your positive reviews front and center to engage with those concerned about quality.

Easy Method of Contact

It’s heartbreaking when someone has a fantastic product or service but can’t seem to get the contacts they want. Sometimes this is as simple as making it easy to contact you. Many companies believe that social media, like Facebook and Instagram, is enough to reach the right people, but there’s one critical thing to know about social media. You don’t own it. Your posts are displayed based on algorithms over which you have no control. And these accounts can disappear at any time for any reason. You own your website, and it can be your single point of contact for new potential customers.

Subject Matter Expertise

One mistake many business owners make is creating a static website that doesn’t do any of the work for you. These business card sites aren’t dynamic or interactive, which can draw new business. Creating original content is one way to target your audience. Regularly updated website content helps drive your ranking on Google; without it, your site may drop further down the list. More importantly, creating content shows that you’re a subject matter expert providing critical insights on the most commonly asked questions, such as legally building a tiny home in your area.

If you are nodding along to any of these reasons and want to explore a custom website and marketing partnership package, contact dpeg Marketing Company. We’re not just any web design company; we walk the talk. I provide all copy and content for websites and have hands-on experience building and living in a tiny house of my own.

dpeg Marketing Company has 8 spots open for website design in 2023. We partner with tiny house, agriculture, outdoor, and equine businesses to help them grow.

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Laura LaVoie

Laura LaVoie


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