Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Equine Website?

by Jan 23, 2023

Websites are not optional for business. Even if you believe you can work through social media and online storefronts, having a place to house your brand is critical. Why? Because 81% of people rely on their research before making a big life decision, and if you don’t come up in their searches, they may overlook your business as an option. So how do you know if you’re getting the most out of your equine website? Here is what you need to know.

Your Brand is Part Recognition and Part Reputation

We talk to clients about this all the time. Your brand isn’t just your logo and colors; it’s equal parts recognition and reputation. You want people to see an image, a website, a color, or a social media post and remember who you are. That’s recognition. You also want them to associate good things with these images. That’s reputation. Your website becomes the hub for all this, so if your branding is inconsistent across platforms, you will slip through the cracks.

Keep Everything Under One Umbrella

While people can find you in several ways, including through social media or at events, you want to keep everything housed under one umbrella. That makes it easier to get people the correct information at the right time rather than insisting they track it down across various locations. With your website, your brand is bolstered by your copy, imagery, and access to all the other platforms you use.

You Don’t Own Your Social Media

Yes, it’s true; businesses need a social media presence to stay relevant. You always want to be where your audience already is, such as on Facebook or Instagram. For B2B businesses, LinkedIn still reigns supreme. But you don’t own social media. If you watch everything happening on Twitter, you know it’s essential to have a backup plan. You own your website, so having your content parked there is best for consistency and findability.

Be a Subject Matter Expert

We were delighted the other day when a client told us they were getting great feedback on their content. That’s what it means to become a subject matter expert. You will become the go-to resource for people who are interested in learning more about your specific type of equine expertise.

Be Discoverable

When you create new content online, it also gives Google something to reindex regularly. That means your site is pushed to the top rankings, which is good for your business and discoverability. This is how technology facilitates connections faster than word-of-mouth ever could.

Do you want to get the most out of your equine website?

dpeg Marketing Company has 7 spots open for website design in 2023. We partner with tiny house, agriculture, outdoor, brewing, and equine businesses to help them grow. We can help you optimize your site and integrate the essential tools. You can build your reputation and be recognizable with the right systems.

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Laura LaVoie

Laura LaVoie


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