Ever hear the expression “Never met a stranger”? That is us!

Corporate Event planning can be expensive and stressful. DPEG Marketing takes the guesswork out of planning meetings, expo’s and events. By providing planning, expertise and creative solutions for meetings, expo’s and events of all sizes we can work within your budget. Since we handle everything from conception to completion, we can de-stress the experience.

Just an example of our checklist of how we will run your event.


  • Determine what your basic event requirements are: dates, location and number of attendees.
  • Define the WHY. Is it a networking event? A training? A fundraiser? A celebration or promotion? Having clarity about the purpose of your event will help ensure that DPEG Marketing is well aligned with your needs.
  • Set a budget.

3 Months Out

  • Place an order for any printed materials.
  • Begin production of meeting content (videos, presentations, printed collateral and worksheets).
  • Create a customized event website.
  • Send invitations to attendees. Include the link to your custom event website.
  • Decide on Marketing, PR and social media strategy for your event.

The Day of

  • Meet with the DPEG Team to review all event details.
  • Do a walk-through.
  • Check to ensure that all times and locations for the event have been posted correctly, clearly and visibly.
  • Do a test run of all A/V presentations.
  • Set up registration packets.
  • Greet attendees.


  • Organize shipping of any equipment that needs to be returned.
  • Write thank you notes to speakers, staff and others.
  • Solicit feedback from attendees and key staff.
  • Complete any post-meeting surveys with the client.
  • Keep a set of notes about what worked well and what didn’t, so you can refer to it when planning future events.

By using The DPEG Marketing Approach

Let us execute your Corporate event. We will work on your event so that you can work in your business.


We believe that a consistent brand is a memorable brand. We integrate your brand and logo across the whole spectrum of marketing your event. In addition, we use brand integration to help you provide memorable experience.

Increasing Your Profits

Having virtual meetings over Skype and using our project management system saves you money and time.

Each of our packages include Marketing Mentor time, time spent in meetings together, and access to an organized system for managing your event. You can track the progress we’re making on any particular task. Our collaborative approach will make you feel like we’re working in the office right next door

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